Show Time

Show Time 200 Shot

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With 18…yes 18 different effects; it’s no wonder Show Time is our longest burning firework lasting over 2 minutes! Effects include:

  1. Red Comets
  2. Green Comets
  3. Yellow Comets
  4. Purple Comets
  5. Crackling tail comet
  6. Whistling comets
  7. Gold glittering tailed red comets
  8. blue & red star bursts
  9. Red comets bursting into golden glitter
  10. Silver comets bursting into silver palms
  11. Red comets bursting into red, green & blue stars with silver glitter
  12. Blue & silver bees
  13. Red Comet exploding into red glitter
  14. Green comets exploding into green glitter
  15. Yellow comets bursting into gold glitter
  16. Purple comets bursting into Silver glitterÂ
  17. Silver comets with a crackling peony burst
  18. Silver comets with time rain

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