Guerrilla Warfare

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A fantastic 2 part compound that produces an array of amazing effects.
Part 1: (Mixed Firing Pattern) Multi-coloured crossettes, ‘Z’-fan of brocade crown mines to brocade crown with multicoloured dahlia. ‘V’ shape of green tail ti-gold coconuts with red strobe.
Part 2: (’Z’ Fan and Straight Firing) Green tail to spider with lemon pearls, red tail to spider with peach pearls, red tail to brocade crown with red pearls, green tail to brocade crown with purple stars, white strobe with red, lemon and purple stars, ‘Z’ fan of green tail to gold willow to silver coconut, red tail to brocade crown king with deep blue, red tail to red glittering willow, and a finale of crackling chrysanthemum mines to green tail to brocade crown king with silver chrysanthemums.

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Category F3

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Straight & Fan