Danger Zone

Danger Zone 90 Shot

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The Power of 3 Barrages in 1 – Danger Zone takes fireworks to the next level. A well timed compound barrage continuously firing a myriad of wide bursting effects.
Part 1: Red Comets Bursting into Ice White Strobe Willow set with Deep Red Pearls, Green Comets Exploding into Emerald Green Dahlias with Crackling, Sapphire Blue Comets into Golden Chrysanthemums with Green Dahlias,
Part 2: Silver Comets Exploding into Silver Coconuts set with Red Pearls, Green Comets Bursting into Bright Purple and Vivid Green Peonies, Golden Tailed Comets Producing Beautiful Wide Golden Dahlia with Blue Pearls.
Part 3: Red Comets Spreading into Contrasting Deep Red & Emerald Green Peonies, Green Comets Bursting into Stunning Purple & Green Stars with Golden Strobe, Sapphire Blue Comets Exploding into Golden Brocades Set with Blue Pearls.

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