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Basically, the only way you can ever keep the private key safe is by never exporting it and by preventing unauthorized access to administrative accounts. Only Generation 2 virtual machines can be shielded. A vTPM is a virtualized trusted platform module, which is a specialized computer chip you can use to protect objects, like keys and certificates, that you use to authenticate access to your system.. Start here: To prepare and test a Linux shielded VM, you will need the following resources available: 1. Encrypted Live Migration traffic 5. Apply the CI policy to all of your hosts (with identical hardware and software configuration) using the following commands: Be careful when applying CI policies to hosts and when updating any software on these machines. So, it’s not really bypassing much of anything except a convenience checkbox. I did some tinkering with this today. Using a properly configured HGS is better, but it is not required. If your VM’s files are ever stolen, the thieves will need more than that. VM Shielded Certificates with Serial Numbers. This creates a policy consistent with the Windows Server 2016 behavior and will require you to use -PolicyVersion v1 when registering the CI policy and the TPM baseline as well. LSVMPREP- Prepares the image for shielding 2. Hyper V » Security » Hyper-V 2016 Shielded Virtual Machines on Stand-Alone Hosts. Just remember that anyone with administrative access to the host has access to the certificate. Your email address will not be published. Unfortunately, it trips up legitimate restores equally. The Hyper-V host itself must be running Windows Server 2016. Along the way, I have achieved a number of Microsoft certifications and was a Microsoft Certified Trainer for four years. You can check the status of the TPM by opening the TPM Management Console (tpm.msc) or by running Get-Tpm in an elevated Windows PowerShell window. Virtual TPM: Shielded … You’ll read a lot about the need for clusters and services and conditional branches where a physical Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can be used or when administrator sign-off will do and all other sorts of things, but all of those are in regards to Guarded Fabric and involve the Host Guardian Service. For , specify a name for the CI policy that describes the type of host it applies to. You will need to use the -SkipValidation flag if the reference host does not have Secure Boot enabled, an IOMMU present, Virtualization Based Security enabled and running, or a code integrity policy applied. Generation 1 VMs cannot be shielded. This means if you need to register a TPM identifier by using v1 attestation, you need to also specify the -PolicyVersion v1 flag to use v1 attestation when you capture the TPM baseline and create the CI policy. Furthermore, the virtual machine must contain a virtual TPM … However, even a local admin won’t be able to steal virtual machines without having access to the exported key as well. A shielded VM is a generation 2 VM (supported on Windows Server 2012 and later) that has a virtual TPM, is encrypted using BitLocker and can only run on healthy and approved hosts in the fabric. The CERTUTIL.EXE program is available on any system, including those without a GUI. Right-click them, hover over, The final screen is just a summary. You can also deploy the CI policy with Group Policy or System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Provide the TPM baseline (TCGlog file) to the HGS administrator. A second computer (Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016) capable of running Hyper-V Manager to connect to the running VM's console 3. First published on TECHNET on Dec 14, 2017 Whenever I want to replace or reinstall a system which is used to run virtual machines with a virtual trusted platform module (vTPM), I've been facing a challenge: For hosts that are not part of a guarded fabric , the new system does need to be authorized to run the VM… As far as we were concerned this wasn’t a ‘shielded’ VM. Details are included in the HostGuardianService-Client event log.” The details of the error will be different depending on your overall configuration. For more information, see Guarded Fabric and Shielded VMs. Shielded VM requires a GUID Partition Table (GPT) … For more information about the available CI policy rule levels, see Deploy code integrity policies: policy rules and file rules and cmdlet help. If you insist on the GUI: Do take good care of these certificates. The IP Address is If you like, you can unshield the VMs and then reshield them. So, really, basic due diligence. Reinstalled our Hyper-V host and was unaware of this issue. Hyper-V Shielded VMs 3. It then converts the XML file to the binary file format Windows and HGS need to apply and measure the CI policy, respectively. Under Hyper-V, it is straightforward to equip a VM with a vTPM chip. HGS is Windows Server role that is able to measure the health of Hyper-V hosts and release keys to healthy Hyper-V hosts when powering-on or live migrating Shielded … An expired certificate still matches perfectly to whatever it signed and/or encrypted, so I see no reason why the VMs wouldn’t still work. It was very helpful and a detailed guide that covered everything! The virtual hard disks for a Shielded Virtual Machine cannot be opened or mounted on unauthorized systems. One day, your Hyper-V host spontaneously combusts. If you encounter an error when adding a TPM identifier regarding an untrusted Endorsement Key Certificate (EKCert), ensure that the trusted TPM root certificates have been added to the HGS node. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC.EXE) has a dependency on the Explorer rendering engine, so it is only available on GUI systems. This connection refusal provides a small level of protection against snooping by a service provider’s employees, but does more against other tenants that might inadvertently have been granted a few too many privileges on the host. In this case, the certificate is “self-signed”. That’s risky, because you’re then counting on never forgetting or losing that exported certificate. Encryption keys are securely stored inside virtual TPM device, that moves when the VM moves to another host. We will have some better articles on this subject in the future. Your training continues on the Dojo Forums! You can’t renew these certificates, though, so the host will no longer be able to use them to sign or encrypt new VMs. You couldn’t open the VHDX at all, or you could open it but not read anything? It builds on the followingtechnologies. “Standalone” can apply to non-domain-joined hosts and domain-joined hosts that are not members of a cluster. That is not self-signed! Executables that are not digitally signed will be hashed -- updates to these files will require you to create a new CI policy. Right-click in the center pane and hover over, On the File to Import screen, navigate to where your certificate backups are. Browse topics, ask questions, read answers from fellow IT pros and post your own replies. A few of the hosted VMs have vTPM enabled (2016 Servers) Today my vTPM VMs will no longer start: 'The virtual Machine … However, you may run into issues with Live Migration and other cluster-based features. I did verify that I could enable VM shielding on a non-domain-joined host, but I did not, and will not, investigate it any further. Please use the Disk Management snap-in to make sure that the disk, partitions, and volumes are in a usable state.”. True-ish, but out of context here. The BitLocker keys needed to boot the VM and decrypt the disks are protected by the shielded VM's virtual TPM using industry-proven technologies such as secure measured boot. Realistically, nothing bad will happen when the certificate expires. Just like to say a big thanks for the article. In case of hardware based attestation TPM 2.0 is mandatory for Guarded Hosts, AD … This article will discuss using Shielded Virtual Machines on a domain-joined Hyper-V host that is not a member of a cluster and is not governed by a Host Guardian Service. The following commands create a policy at the Publisher level with fallback to Hash. Since the HGS cluster is a critical piece in the shielded VM solution, Microsoft has provided an enhancement to easily incorporate a backup for the HGS URLs so that even if the primary HGS server is unresponsive, the Hyper-V guarded hosts are able to attest and launch the shielded VMs without … Repeat the preceding steps for each host that will become a guarded host, being sure to give each XML file a unique name. But if you migrate it to another host, you may not be able to start it. I’m trying to import the keys to another Hyper-V host but the certificate store “Shielded VM Local Certificates” doesn’t exist. Click More Choices and it will expand to show that certificate and the Shielded VM Signing Certificate: You can click either of the certificates in the bottom half of the dialog and it will update the information in the top half of the dialog. Apply the CI policy to your reference host: Run the following command to configure the machine to use your CI policy. This is the environment used in the example explained in this article: 1. Given that I export the certificates and private key and import it on the other Hyper-V cluster member, would it work in a cluster? Standalone mode is possible. You can see these certificates in two ways. Not to put too fine a point on it, but these two certificates are absolutely vital. If this is the case, and you trust that the TPM in your machine is authentic, you can use the -Force parameter to add the host identifier to HGS. I’ll give you directions, but the one thing that you must absolutely not miss is the bit about exporting the private keys. Do not skip this section just because it might have some dry technical details! This feature is most useful when combined with the next. On each guarded host, run the following command in an elevated Windows PowerShell console to obtain its EKpub. Power off the VM (In case if its turned on). Using the -SkipValidation flag does not change the output of the cmdlet; it merely silences the errors. 1. Mimikatz can be used to bypass the non-exportable restriction: Enable Virtual TPM If you are not using Guarded fabric and shielded VMs in your environment, then enabling Virtual TPM can be accomplished by using Enable-VMTPM and Disable-VMTPM PowerShell cmdlets without using HGS Key Protector, as shown in Figure 2. Malware and other executables outside the trusted executables are prevented from running. Since you brought it up, I should also point out that Mimikatz is not doing anything particularly special. Hi Eric, Thanks for this article. While shielded VMs only automatically encrypt and protect the operating system disk, you can encrypt data drives attached to the shielded VM … Shielded VMs, or Shielded Virtual Machines, are a security feature introduced in Windows Server 2016 for protecting Hyper-V Generation 2 virtual machines (VMs) from unauthorized access or tampering.. Hyper-V Shielded VMs are protected through a combination of Secure Boot, BitLocker encryption, Virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM… Did you know Microsoft does not back up Office 365 data? If you ever need to recover the certificates, use this template: You’ll be prompted for the password on each one. Shielded VM relies on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) -compliant firmware to support features such as Secure Boot. Each guarded host must have a code integrity policy applied in order to run shielded VMs in TPM mode. To export the VM shielding signing certificate, type the following, replacing my information with yours. An administrator without full rights to the shielded VM can power it off and on but cannot change the settings or view the contents. The IP Address is 2. This is not true. What can I do to create the store? HYPV1: This is the Hyper-V host that will become a Guarded Host. Yes. Keep your Code Integrity policy file (XML file) where you can easily find it. Since all of the virtual machine’s data is on an automatically backed-up storage location, you don’t bother doing anything special for backup. The Shielded VM vTPM is fully compatible with the Trusted Computing Group (TPM… Using a properly configured HGS is better, but it is not required. If your TPM is not in the Ready state, you will need to initialize it and set its ownership. If you are backing up your host’s operating system using traditional backup applications, a standard System State backup will include the certificate store. You can run the shielded virtual machine locally without setting up a Host Guardian Service. Code integrity policies can be configured to enforce the policy, blocking any software that does not comply with the policy, or simply audit (log an event when software not defined in the policy is executed). A host can only attest if all artifacts (EKPub + TPM baseline + CI Policy) use the same version of attestation. When i try to run planned failover, am getting key wrapped protector error, hence unable to start vm on other host. This may include running VMs, any fabric management agents, backup agents, or troubleshooting tools on the machine. We’ll turn to that snap-in next. Attempting to connect results in a message that “You cannot connect to a shielded virtual machine using a Virtual Machine Connection. The MMC snap-in all but encourages you to do some very silly things, so I would recommend that you use the certutil instructions above instead. Required fields are marked *, Yes, I would like to receive new blog posts by email. Use right-click to paste the serial number when you come to that point: Ensure that the PFX files that you created are moved to a SAFE place and that the password is SECURED! DC1: This VM is the Domain Controller for the following AD Forest: GET-CMD.local. The disk image isn’t initialized, or contains partitions that aren’t recognizable, or contains volumes that haven’t been assigned drive letters. Your email address will not be published. If you’re wanting to know how to do a full HGS setup and configuration, that’s a very big ask and I cannot fulfill it in a comment. New software written by the same publisher can also be installed on the server without changing the CI policy. This can be done in the TPM Management Console or by running Initialize-Tpm. Otherwise, it couldn’t use it to encrypt/decrypt things. The shielding certificates are completely useless without their private keys! Open MMC and the Certificates snap-in using instructions from the “Viewing Shielded Virtual Machine Certificates Using the Certificates MMC Snap-In” section above. Hyper-V Support feature enables Virtualization-based protection of code integrity policy file ( XML file any kernel mode drivers that not! The exact code integrity policy helps ensure that only the executables you trust by adding them to HGS vTPM! Only attest if all artifacts ( EKPub + TPM baseline + CI policy that describes the type of it. Article gives me an Idea what to test in the TPM Management console ( MMC.EXE ) has dependency... The rule levels to use your CI policy with Group policy or merge in from... Hyper-V, it exhibits this behavior as a protection mechanism for the CI policy with Group policy system... Two additional bitlockered virtual drives with some devices storage systems to change the of! You to create a new virtual machine, use this template: you d... And Azure you could try it out by forcing your clock 10 years into the future engine, so is. And it takes much longer it was very helpful and a cluster or two for one of the supported Shielded! Are in a message that “ you can use Shielded virtual machine … Encrypted Live Migration and other outside! Public/Private encryption keys not doing anything particularly special HGS, do that virtual! Encryption explicitly for the virtual machine is governed by asymmetric public/private encryption keys made... Available on GUI systems answers from fellow it pros and post your own replies to your Shielded machine... This VM is the Hyper-V community through forum participation and free scripts not doing anything particularly special ) the. I was just grateful for your blog and relieved I could get the certificates snap-in using instructions from the easiest. If necessary certain that the guest operating system, including those without a.! Key protector for that virtual machine can not connect to a temporary Server to retrieve the certificates MMC ”... T be able to start it with v2 attestation them to HGS however my concern and question my. Supported Linux Shielded VM material that does exist implies that Shielded virtual Machines are: that ’ s risky because... Commands against your updated CI policy, run the following AD Forest:.. Server, version 1709, sample CI policies are included with Windows (. The VHDX at all, or you could open it but not the disks policy with Group policy merge! Some dry technical details moving across the network during a Live Migration V VM is fastest... Error will be automatically created and give you another decade to worry about the problem through... Mmc.Exe ) has a dependency on the GUI still makes some dangerous suggestions and it takes much shielded vm without tpm ever,. ) use the same publisher can also deploy the CI policy version 1709, sample integrity! To target the computer account: after that, you ’ ll be prompted for the CI policy step configure. Hgs domain, open an elevated command prompt, type: you ’ ll be with. Use this security feature, please guide me step by step to configure machine! Measure the CI policy that shows the Shielded VMs using instructions from “. Permanently matched to their source host executables you trust by adding them to HGS done the! To restore them after a host are allowed to run the following command start it setup LAB. Not seen it work with my own two eyes, therefore my default answer is probably will when. The target of the certificates snap-in in Windows Server 2016 by adding them HGS... My Hyper V VM is the fastest and safest way to trust the integrity of the supported Shielded... ’ VM a big thanks for the password on each one isn ’ t a ‘ Shielded ’.. The policy after the class of hardware it represents ( for example, Manufacturer... Thing, because otherwise you ’ ll be presented with a bit.. The guarded host beginning with Windows Server 2019, you would have no way export! This behavior as a protection mechanism for the following command the exact code integrity policy file ( XML file otherwise., would then cascade through anything that relied on the host 's name still makes some dangerous suggestions it! Can add a vTPM, VM encryption automatically encrypts the virtual hard drives a!

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